Caribbean Investor Not Involved In Financial Wrongdoing

Mohamed Asaria, the Head of Range Developments, r., with St. Kitts & Nevis PM Timothy Harris in a 2017 photo. (Facebook image - Range Developments)

RETRACTION AND APOLOGY TO Mr Mohammed Asaria and Range Development

It has come to our attention by way of legal notice that an article publish on News784 entitled “Caribbean Real Estate Investor Detained In China On Suspicion Of Financial Wrongdoing” has incorrect and misleading statements within.

The information and allegations made in the Article are incorrect and misleading and Mr. Mohammed Asaria and Range Development have suffered (and continue to suffer) significant reputational and financial harm and damage as a consequence of the publication of false and misleading information.

We have also come to understand that Mr. Asaria has not been arrested in China, nor was he escorted away by the police, nor is there any investigation against Mr. Asaria or Range on suspicion of alleged illegal fundraising in China or elsewhere as was suggested in the Article.

The Article also suggests that Mr. Asaria and/or Range have been engaged in fraudulent and illegal activities.

The legal counsel for Mr Asaria has advised us that this is incorrect.

In light of the following and after further investigation we unequivocally apologize to Mr. Mohammed Asaria and Range development for the damage which would have occurred from the publication.

We humbly apologize and will immediately remove all and every content with immediate effect, with no further publication of any kind.

Once again we do apologize and look forward to a good working relationship with Range Development going forward.

Yours in good faith
News784 Team

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