RADEX BCMS will soon also check travelers against Interpol’s databases

It was recently announced by the Minister of Justice of Aruba that RADEX, the Border Control Management System of Aruba, will get direct access to the watch list of Interpol interface to check all incoming and outgoing travellers against one of the largest criminal databases in the world.

This is important news for Aruba because RADEX BCMS will have the possibility of doing more in-depth background checks to the visitors trying to enter Aruba and will for sure leads up to a closer border and a safer Aruba.

RADEX BCMS currently already runs background checks on all visitors using its databases that are being filled by local authorities such as the Police Department, the Civil Registry and the Permit Department of Aruba.

With this new connection to Interpol, RADEX BCMS can now access the watch list of Interpol, which provides a way of doing a worldwide efficient and in-depth background check.

This will allow RADEX BCMS to register visitors that appear in the Interpol watch list due to different reasons such as travelling with a stolen passport or being on a criminal’s registry.

Frank Baks, Director of Business Development of Gamma IT Solutions, shares “We are very proud of our Border Control Management System and we are extremely excited that the Minister of Justice, Mr. Andin Bikker, decided to expand RADEX BCMS with this Interpol connection.”

Gamma IT Solutions, a software development company based in Aruba and developer of RADEX BCMS, will continue to implement upgrades for RADEX BCMS in order to contribute to a safer border control.

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