Outbreaks Of Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease In Grenada

The Ministry of Health in Grenada is investigating what it recognizes as spontaneous outbreaks of hand, foot and mouth disease (HMFD).

It has identified rash and blistering lesions mainly on the hands, feet, and mouth, accompanied by mild fever and sore throat.

The Ministry of Health notes that during the same period last year, October 20 to 31, there were similar outbreaks among toddlers, which warranted prompt intervention by Health officials.

In view of the current situation, it’s said that health surveillance and public health teams are gathering information, and, at the same time responding to reports of mild outbreaks among children at day-care centers and pre and primary schools, in some parts of the country.

There’s been no decision to close any facility.

However, health authorities are reminding parents and operators of daycares and kindergartens; that frequent hand-washing and cough etiquette is still the number one and best way of managing the disease.

Today, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. George Mitchell, disclosed there are just about a dozen reported cases.

Mitchell confirmed that health officials have been in touch with the early childhood development centers and schools where the reports emanated and several education/ information brochures about the disease are being distributed in electronic and print format to the various institutions.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has sent out a reminder that hand, foot and mouth disease is endemic in Grenada and medical practitioners, childcare centers, kindergartens and schools with) outbreaks must notify the Ministry of Health.

Any child suspected of hand, foot and mouth disease must seek immediate medical attention.

It’s advisable if there are any changes in the child’s normal behavior, that is, irritation and sleepiness, refusal to eat or drink, persistent vomiting or drowsiness, he or she should be taken to the Accidents and Emergency Departments, or health facility, whichever is nearer.

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