One of the world’s largest aircraft touches down in Guyana

(INEWSGUYANA) – The runway capacity of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) was ultimately tested when the Atlas Air (747-400) N475MC cargo aircraft landed at 06:15hrs on Friday.

The Atlas Air, considered a very large cargo aircraft that is available for lease around the world, was the first aircraft to utilise the newly constructed apron at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport for Code D and E sized Aircraft.

All hands were on deck to ensure a seamless landing and take-off process, when this aircraft arrived with its sensitive and delicate Government cargo.

Clearly, from the results of the operations earlier, Guyana has shown its growing capacity to handle the demands that will come from its emerging economy.

The Boeing 747-400 at its maximum take-off weight of 800,000 lbs. would usually require an expansive runway capacity for landing or take-off and CJIA was able to meet this requirement.

Management collectively said, “We are very happy that we were able to execute this operation without any major challenges, despite our limitations.”

They added that, “It was a historic experience that has highlighted the efficiency of our services, such as, Ground handling, Air Traffic Control Services and the CJIAC team, among others to collectively demonstrate the importance of teamwork to execute this operation.”

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