No home for my wife and son to come back to

 Lawyer Anthony Astaphan in a video post said it was a night of terror on the island. He said the wind was “Savage”.

“We lost the roof to our house; the ceiling collapsed, there is two inches of water downstairs, it’s leaking all over “.

Astaphan stated that being careful to preserve life was the order of the night as all of his electrical features and outlets had water pouring from them.

“It’s been a horrible night, the high winds have just stopped, the time just before midnight, I don’t know whats next for us.”

“I can only feel for those who don’t have a house like I have where you huddle somewhere until it’s over”.

Astapahan said it was terrible and he hopes no one died since it was hard to get in contact with anyone across the island.

“But we are okay, my Mother is fine, my brother, my cousins, and daughter, my lovely wife, and son is safe in Florida”.

However, there is just no home for them to come back to now.

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