New Year’s Day triplet parents need a house

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) The new year came with blessings for 31-year-old Nicole Murray, who delivered triplets at San Fernando General Hospital shortly before midday on Tuesday.

The baby boy and identical twin girls, who have not yet been named, are now being cared for at the hospital’s neonatal unit.

Murray, who underwent an hour-long Caesarean section, is recovering at the hospital.

The proud daddy, Winston Murray, said he was overwhelmed by the births and was preparing to take his wife and babies home.

The couple, who got married in February 2012, have two older children—Khaleesi, six, and Khaleel, four.

The family lives in a two-bedroom rented apartment at Waterloo Road, Carapichaima.

Winston Murray, a distributor at Kiss Baking Company, said the pregnancy was planned but he never expected triplets.

His wife is employed as a sales representative at Flow.

“My wife had two C-Sections before and the doctor told us we can only have one more. We sat down and spoke about this for a long time. And we decided to have another baby because we are getting older,” he recalled.

Murray, 31, said two weeks into the pregnancy his wife began experiencing severe morning sickness, nothing like the two previous pregnancies.

“So we decided to go to the medical centre and we did an ultra-sound. The sonographer looked at the screen and walked out the room. I was scared… I thought something was wrong. But he came back and asked if we were prepared for what he just saw. He told me to count with him and we counted three distinct heart beats.

It was the most overwhelming feeling and we were very happy,” he said.

In the months which followed, Murray said, his wife would suffer morning sickness, severe nausea and swollen feet.

He said the babies were due on his birthday, January 21.

But doctors decided to deliver the babies at 35 weeks’ gestation on New Year’s Day.

His wife and older son had celebrated their birthdays on December 31.

Murray said he spent a month redesigning his apartment, fitting in three cribs and an additional cupboard for clothing.

“I did my research and found that the babies should not sleep together because it will be difficult for them to separate when they get older. I bought three cribs and clothing already and I am ready to take them home,” he said.

The babies’ genders, however, were not revealed until his wife’s baby shower on November 24.

“My sister-in-law asked that we put the results of the ultra-sound in an envelope and give her. She kept that a secret until the baby shower. We were surprised and very, very happy,” he said.

Murray said he was pleased with the medical treatment his wife received at the hospital.

“I want to thank Dr Khan and Dr Jaggernath who were very professional and compassionate. Apart from the parking issues I cannot complain about the treatment,” he said.

Murray said the babies would spend the next few days in incubators to regulate feeding.

But the family has one wish this year—to have their own home.

“The apartment is small and I would want a house to raise my children,” said Murray. “I applied to HDC (Housing Development Corporation) for a house ten years ago and was never called. I want to make a public appeal now for a new home. I don’t want it free. I am employed and I can pay a monthly instalment. I would appreciate if the HDC can respond and assist our family.”

He said his wife would take leave from her work to take care of their children.

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