My daughter has been stolen by a cult

 TRINIDAD EXPRESS – TRINIDAD – THE Mother of missing teenager Shindlar Cuffy believes that a woman wants to permanently take her 16-year-old daughter away from her.

Shondel Shallow, who also believes her daughter has been lured by a cult, said that she has heard a voice message from the woman who said she (Shallow) was not the one who gave birth to Cuffy.

“She said I am not her (Cuffy’s) mother and that God gave me her for a certain period of time. She said I never made her. I don’t know the lady but I want to meet her to ask her how she get my child … She’s trying everything in the books to take Shindlar from me,” Shallow told the Express.

While Shallow believes her daughter and the woman are in Trinidad she said she will not give permission for Cuffy to leave the country. “She (Cuffy) does not have a passport and the woman is not going to get consent from me or her (Cuffy’s) father.”

Shallow said she listened to a recent voice message and found it strange that the woman was doing all the talking and she has not been hearing from her daughter.

The woman has referred to her daughter by the name ‘Rainbow’. Shallow said it is nickname Cuffy had given to herself.

She said in the message the woman said that the teen was “entering adulthood”. There have been posting on social media of her daughter being pregnant.

Shallow, however, denied that her child was having a baby. She said Cuffy who went missing on November 26, never showed signs of being pregnant. “I didn’t see anything like that. Up to the morning, she left to go to school, I didn’t see any signs of that.”

Shallow said Cuffy boarded a car around 7.30 a.m. on November 26. She said the teen was headed to school at Marabella North Secondary. Cuffy was not in school that day.

Police continue to investigate the case.