Mom was pregnant when her throat was slit

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – Shalini Sookdeo-Choon was pregnant with her third child at the time her throat was cut, an autopsy found on Monday.

Sookdeo-Choon was five months pregnant, and would have given birth in August.

Instead she was killed along with her two children. MCrime scene invesitgators view the vehicle in which the lifeless bodies of Barry Choon of Second St, California, and Salini Soodeo-Choon of Welcome Road, Cunupia and two young children were found yesterday at Hambug Trace, Toco.

Their bodies were found in the family car parked roadside at Hambug Trace, Toco last Friday.

Her husband, Barry Choon, who sat in the driver’s seat of the car is suspected of killing his wife and two children, then himself.

Pathologist Dr Somo Gajala performed the autopsies on the family of four at the Forensic Sciences Centre.

Choon, his wife and seven year old daughter Sarah died by cut throat injuries. The couple’s seven month old son, Jacob, had been smothered to death.

The autopsy on Choon was unable to conclusively determine if Choon slit his own throat, or if the wound was caused by someone else.

To his family, Choon was a kind and gentle man who loved his children more than life.