Mom charged with hugging murder-accused son

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – “That is my son. I hugged him.” The words of an elderly mother as she pleaded guilty to interfering with a prisoner on Tuesday.

Marilyn Dillon, a 73-year-old pensioner, was charged with interfering with a prisoner, assaulting and obstructing a policeman.

She pleaded not guilty to the assaulting and obstructing the police officer.

Dillon stood before San Fernando Senior Magistrate Jo-Anne Connor and told a story of how she missed her son and was longing to hold him.

She said, “That is my son. I hugged him. I haven’t seen him in a long while so I hugged him.”

The incident occurred on Monday as prisoner Kie Joseph was being escorted to the San Fernando High Court.

Dillon said she had no criminal record and she was simply a mother who loved and missed her son.

The Bayshore, Marabella, woman who spent the night in police custody was granted her own bail in the sum of $2,000.

Dillon told the court, however, that it was impossible for her to assault the officer with a chain around his waist.

She will return to court on October 29.

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  1. That’s her son regardless…his criminal mind he developed on his own…I would of hugged my son if I gotten the chance.. she missed him she must.. she’s a mother..

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