Married Pastor Takes Ex Man Friend To Court

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A SELF-CONFESSED bisexual Trinidadian pastor, who is being accused of turning his back on a former male lover to marry a woman, is being threatened with blackmail unless he leaves the woman.

The matter of the jilted lover who wants the pastor to leave his wife and return to him became the subject of a High Court case yesterday in San Fernando. The pastor, Shiraaz Terrance Rambharose, 31, was granted an injunction against Imtiaz Abdool.

Justice Eleanor Donaldson-Honeywell granted the order, restraining Abdool from blackmailing Rambharose and communicating with his new wife.

Rambharose said he and Abdool became friends and rented accommodation together for eight months, from September 2017 to April 2018.

Rambharose went on to say, however, that he got married in September 2018, but immediately after the wedding ceremony, Abdool telephoned him and asked to meet him that night.

Abdool was bent on discussing their future relationship. Since then, Rambharose said, Abdool has been threatening him to get him to leave his wife and return to him, but Rambharose bluntly refused.

Rambharose said, “Since the marriage on September 29, 2018, the defendant (Abdool) has been pressuring the claimant (Rambharose) to abandon his marriage to his wife and resume his previous relationship with the claimant and/or the defendant has threatened that if the claimant does not comply to the demands, the defendant will reveal the previous relationship between them to the claimant’s family members and wife’s family members, friends and associates.”

Rambharose, who said he is a well-known pastor, further accused Abdool of seeking to blackmail him by threatening to reveal private video recordings and still images. He viewed this as “spitefully tarnishing my reputation and character.”

In fact, Rambharose accused Abdool of having already posted messages about their private life on social media. He said in the injunction, “The defendant has the claimant under duress to divorce my newly-wedded wife and as a consequence of the refusal, the defendant has threatened to attend the workplace of the claimant.”

He further accused Abdool of threatening to contact the governing religious body with which he is associated to expose their private relationship. He named those bodies as Redemption Ministries and International Pentecostal Holiness Church.

When the matter came up before Donaldson-Honeywell, Abdool was unrepresented. The judge granted the injunction, under which Abdool agreed to not reveal their private lives, make contact with Rambharose, including via social media, and to desist from notifying the religious bodies.

The judge further ordered Abdool not to disclose videos, photos, voice recordings and text messages involving him and Rambharose. She adjourned the case for further hearing next week Wednesday.

Donaldson-Honeywell included in her order that Rambharose and Abdool must attend mediation.