Marijuana being swapped for weapons in Caribbean drug trade

Criminals involved in the Caribbean Drug Trade are increasingly using marijuana to buy weapons.

This is according to Juan Gonzalez, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs in the US State Department during a recent press briefing to give updates on the sixth Caribbean Basin Security Initiatives Dialogue.

Gonzalez said quote, “We’re also seeing an increase in incidences of trading marijuana for weapons, and so one of the areas where we are also cooperating with the Caribbean, is to make sure that we’re actually expanding the proliferation of the automated fingerprint identification systems, which allows law enforcement to share information on fingerprints for criminals, but also ballistics information.

 Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez

So that if somebody commits a crime in another island, the databases on other islands can actually catch that individual and also trying to share information on illegal firearms that are coming from the United States.”

Gonzalez went on to note that a lot of the firearms in the Caribbean are actually being cross-traded and not necessarily coming from the US.

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