Man Ask for a light, then shot couple, killing them instantly

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(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – DEATH came knocking for Peter Kirt Carrera and his wife on Saturday night when their killer rapped on the door of their Diego Martin home, asked for a light, and then shot them both, killing them instantly.

Police said the incident occurred around 10.15 p.m.

Carrera, 37, and his live-in girlfriend, Josanne Ragoonanan, 21, were at Carrera’s Tomato Drive, Diego Martin, home when a knock was heard on their door.

Carrera asked who it was and then got up and opened the door when he heard the voice on the other side.

As Carrera stood in the doorway the man asked for a light for his cigarette. Carrera turned to walk into the house to get his lighter and the man opened fire on him and Ragoonanan, who had just walked into the living room wrapped in a towel.

The gunman fired over eight shots which left the man’s body outside of the small house and Ragoonanan dead in a chair in the living room.

At a loss

Yesterday, relatives of Carrera said they were at a loss as to why they were killed.

One female relative who did not want to be named asked: “What did he do so bad that you called him out, greet him and then kill him.

“He is a darling, he don’t interfere with nobody. He was like a sweetbread and he would even take care of some of the smaller children in the area and buy snacks for them because he didn’t have any children of his own,” she said.