Maduro says any U.S. invasion would be worse than ‘Vietnam’

(USA TODAY) – One week after President Donald Trump’s administration recognized an opposition leader as Venezuela’s interim president, the Latin American nation’s longtime embattled leader Nicolas Maduro warned that the United States was in danger of turning his country into another intractable conflict like the Vietnam War.

“People from #USA, I ask for your support in order to reject the interference of Donald Trump’s administration which intends to turn my Homeland into a ‘Vietnam war’ in Latin America.

Don’t allow it!” Maduro posted on his Twitter account Wednesday, in English. In a video published in Spanish on his Facebook account, Maduro said if “the U.S. intends to invade us, they will have a Vietnam worse than they can imagine.”

Maduro has accused Washington of attempting to stage a coup against his government. Speculation that Trump may be preparing to send troops to Venezuela was fueled this week after U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton was seen holding a notepad with scribbled notes that read: “5,000 troops to Colombia.”

Colombia borders Venezuela.

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