Liat gets new ATR for Christmas

Liat is promising its customers around the region better service for Christmas with the addition of a new 68-seater ATR aircraft to its existing fleet of nine.

The new plane landed at the VC Bird International Airport yesterday and was  greeted by an exuberant ground crew and numerous officials including the Minister of Aviation, Sir Robin Yearwood.

Liat’s Head of Sales and Marketing Egbert Riley said, “For certain it will improve our service to customers and we’re hoping to have hat plane in operational service by mid-December.

“It gives us another aircraft to work with… So if there is another aircraft down we now have more leeway in terms of what we can compensate with.”

When asked whether Liat’s fleet was complete Riley replied, “It always depends on market demand but this bring that fleet complement up to ten ATR aircraft.

“If, for example, in three to five years market demand dictates that we should have another aircraft and the financing is available, then, of course, we’ll do that.”

Captain Phil Gunsam and co-pilot Rawle Francis executed a low-altitude, low-speed fly-by over the runway demonstrating the manoeuvrability of the new aircraft. Once it landed it was given a water hose salute by two of the airport’s new fire engines.

Sir Robin thanked the crew and those present and noted the importance of developing air travel for the people of the Caribbean.

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