LIAT Advises Passengers To Monitor Media As They Hold Ongoing Discussions With LIALPA

Regional air carrier LIAT is advising its passengers to monitor electronic and print media, as the company holds ongoing discussions with the Leeward Islands Airline Pilots Association (LIALPA).

LIAT says that while the company and LIALPA discuss a number of internal industrial matters, the service provided to the public by LIAT is being threatened with disruption by the pilots.


From last week, LIALPA had made it clear that it would make public, a number of internal concerns with the regional carrier, since the Union believed that private discussions were going nowhere.

But LIAT says the airline will not respond in the media, regarding these matters and claims that it had taken all reasonable steps to address the concerns raised and to keep the members of LIALPA informed of progress.

Among concerns are the packed schedules – less meal breaks, unsatisfactory pay and the poor handling of breaches by pilots.