Latrine Eradication Programme begins in Port of Spain

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – THE MINISTRY of Rural De­vel­­opment and Local Govern­ment will start its Latrine Era­dication Programme in Port of Spain and Mayaro/Rio Claro next year.

An estimated $2.6 milli­on have been allocated for 2018/2019 for the installation of indoor plumbing for those who still utilise latrines. This was allocated to the municipal corporations individually through their Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP).

A latrine is a toilet facility where a trench or a pit is dug. In Trinidad, it can be identified as a “toilet” enclosed in galvanised roofing sheets and wood.

The ministry has recognised the need for this project to be undertaken on a more compre­hensive level, especially as it seeks to push forward with rural development.

At present, the project is under the head office of the PSIP, and this fiscal year (2018/2019) the ministry will be starting with the Port of Spain City Corporation and Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation, which have identified areas in their municipalities and are ready for such implementation.

An official from the ministry said while this is being done, its planning unit at the ministry will be doing surveys to assess and identify the households that require assistance in other areas.

A list will be submitted to the ministry for the allocation of funds.

The cost per unit will be determined based on the layout of the area and not just the instalment of the physical structure.

The programme is still being worked out with the Local Government Ministry and Ministry of Planning.