Jamaican On FBI Most Wanted List Captured

KINGSTON, Jamaica, – A day after he was added to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Ten Most Wanted list, a man believed to be a Jamaican national was captured.

The man identified by US law enforcers as Marlon Jones was captured after a brief chase in California last Friday night.

He had been wanted for his alleged involvement in the shooting deaths of four victims – including rival Jamaican gang leader Robert ‘Rodigan’ Davis – at a birthday party in Los Angeles, California, in the early morning hours of October 15, 2016.

However, the FBI is unsure of his real name or true nationality, but say they believe he is an illegal immigrant. He has provided dates of birth ranging from 1970 to 1981.

In a statement posted on the FBI’s website, Special Agent Scott Garriola admitted it was difficult to track down the accused, who has “ an extensive violent criminal” history because he has used multiple alias and dates of birth.

“We’re calling him Marlon Jones based on his criminal history in New York, but at this point it’s anyone’s guess what his actual birth name is. We don’t believe he is a US citizen,” Garriola said.

According to the FBI Special Agent, Jones has been charged with crimes in the state of New Jersey under the name Rasheen Brantley and served time in New York under the name Floyd Evans. Further, he said Jones has used the names Anthony Howard, Anthony Winter and variations of those names.

“The biggest challenge right now besides finding him is trying to figure out who he really is,” the FBI agent underscored.

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