Investigation launch into bug infestation at VC Bird International Airport

Chief Immigration Officer Annette Mark has confirmed she is in talks with the management of the VC Bird International Airport to investigate reports of a particular type of bug infestation, which is said to be creating a bother for staff.

Staff at the airport have been complaining of bites and itching, from what they believe to be bed bugs.

Mark said her office was made aware of the problem some time last week and vector control was called to assess and rectify the problem.

“The vector control people, they are on the ground dealing with it. We received the reports, but we have not confirmed that it is in fact bed bugs,” Mark said.


Operations Manager at the airport Edward Gilkes said he will reserve his comments, pending a meeting with health and government officials.

The new VC Bird Airport terminal was opened last August and was constructed at a cost of US $100 million.

The terminal flooded in April when heavy rains affected Antigua & Barbuda.

Efforts to contact Chief Executive Officer of the Antigua & Barbuda Airport Authority Stanley Smith, for comment, proved futile.

First Published Antigua Observer

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