Harry’s Caribbean Visit Sparks ‘Not My Prince’ Campaign

Prince Harry’s visit to the Caribbean has sparked an anti-colonial social media campaign that has seen the hashtag #NotMyPrince gain increasing attention on Twitter.

The 32-year-old Prince has just started a two-week tour of the West Indies after the Queen requested he visit the countries on her behalf.

While he was greeted in Antigua by honour guards at the airport on Sunday, critics of the monarchy were less pleased about his visit.

The #NotMyPrince campaign defines itself as an “anti-colonial welcoming committee for Prince Harry” which wants to “resist colonization of the mind”.

“Prince Harry brings the combined mystique of whiteness, celebrity, power and wealth; in return he is greeted with the usual pomp and circumstance. He will be feted with military parades and cultural performances,” a post on the campaign’s Tumblr read.

The campaign questioned why military displays were performed to please the Prince in the 21st century.

Others were more protective of him: “#Notmyprince is a bit overblown. He’s actually a good bloke and hardly responsible for colonialism or slavery. #Giveharryabreak.”

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