Haitian Campesino Leaders Join Demand For President Removal

Haitian 4G Meeting (Kontre) platform which brings together various Haitian Campesino leaders and organizations issued a statement Saturday on the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America’s website, to denounce the “unacceptable disaster” faced by the country and to join the calls coming from the streets, that urge for the immediate resignation of the United-States backed President Jovenel Moise.

“If Jovenel Moise does not make the decision to leave power quickly, then people will see how to get rid of him. There is no possibility of dialogue with a criminal and completely irresponsible president,” the letter said.

A month after the 4G Kontre platform gathered more than 250 people from left-wing and progressive sectors of the society to discuss the different ways to resolve the crisis in the Caribbean country, the statement says that “people are increasingly tired but continue to protest even more firmly against the situation in which the ruling party threw Haiti.”

The statement also pointed out the progress made by all the opposition sectors since a call for unity launched in February, however, it said that the agreement on how to proceed after the removal of Moise has not yet been reached.

“We invite all sectors of national life to a meeting this weekend to unlock the knots that prevent from reaching the great national agreement that the nation requires.”

“In the situation in which the country is, considering the suffering of the popular masses, no sector can ambition to control the process of political transition, nor remain blind or insensitive in the face of the humanitarian catastrophe that worsens every day,” it added.

The signatories insisted that Moise is no longer the president of the people in Haiti and said they refuse to forge a government of national unity with “liars, thieves and criminals” as asked by the president last Wednesday in a rare televised speech.

They also reject a coalition with the “parliamentarians who sold their votes for some dollars and some privileges when they accepted the ratification of the last Prime Minister chosen by Moise, Fritz William Michel.”