Haiti Enters Eighth Consecutive Week of Anti-Government Protest

Haiti on Monday entered the eighth consecutive week of anti-government protests, with a curfew decreed yesterday by opposition sectors, who are asking people to stay home.

Barricades of tires, roadblocks, slowing of collective transportation and paralysis of economic activities mark this Monday in the capital and other cities of the country.

Yesterday, Andre Michel, spokesman for the Consensual Alternative for the Refoundation of Haiti, decreed a curfew, starting at 19:00, and announced the launch of a ‘democratic assault.’

‘It is the people who have control,’ the staunch opponent of the government said in a press conference, where he announced that they will take over public institutions.

Experts note that Haiti has been experiencing a radicalization of the socio-political crisis for the past two months, the deepest since the fall of the dictatorship (1986), while hundreds of thousands are protesting for a change in the system that will allow a more equitable redistribution of national resources.