Guyanese Woman Hit By Car Then Stabbed To Death

Gavin Gill and wife Omwattie in happier times

Guyana Chronicle:– TWO weeks after walking away from an abusive marriage, a 20-year-old woman was savagely killed by her husband on Saturday.

Dead is Omwattie Gill called “Anjalie” and “Ango”, of Lot 33 Williamsburg, East Berbice Corentyne. The suspect has been identified as her husband, Gavin Gill, a taxi driver.

According to information received, at approximately 08:30hrs on Saturday, the mother of one was making her way to work when she was ambushed and attacked by her partner.

An eyewitness told reporters that Omwattie was first hit by a white Toyota motorcar – HC 4924 – driven by her husband; a car he rents and works. She was flung several feet away due to the impact of the hit. Gavin then exited the vehicle and began stabbing the woman.

In his bid to end her life, the man continued the attack by holding on to her hair and started chopping her several times on the neck and about her body as she lay motionless on a bridge.

“I hear the impact and run outside then I see him coming to her fast and he just start stabbing her. I screaming at him to stop but he went back to the car and got a cutlass, even to then I start cursing he and hollering but he start chopping she,” the eyewitness said.

The eyewitness related that moments after, a police patrol responded and apprehended the perpetrator who seems undeterred by their presence.

Omwattie was taken to the Port Mourant Hospital bleeding profusely from the wounds she received on the neck and succumbed shortly after.

The Guyana Chronicle understands that the woman was in an abusive marriage that is just over a year old, but kept quiet. However, as things began to get worse, she opted to move out of their home at Port Mourant with her seven-month-old daughter to live at her mother’s residence at Williamsburg. This move angered her husband and he began to hurl threats against Omwattie and her mother.

The Whim Magistrate’s Court recently issued a restraining order against the perpetrator, demanding that he keeps at least 100 feet away from his wife, mother-in-law and child.

The Guyana chronicle also understands that the suspect returned from the US sometime in late 2017 and got married to Gavin some three months after, despite her parents’ disapproval.

He works as a taxi driver and would often imbibe and become abusive towards his wife whenever she asks for money or items to take care of their daughter.

Relatives related that the young mother had made up her mind she no longer needed him in her life and was now getting her life back on track.

She started working at a store in Rose Hall Town just over a week ago and was heading there when she met her demise.

The suspect remains in custody and is expected to be charged soon, as investigations into the incident continues.