Guyana: Man arrested after allegedly forcing 6yro girl to perform oral sex

(NEWS SOURCE) — Police investigators in Linden have arrested a 44-year-old man after he allegedly engaged in sexual activity with a 6-year-old girl.

The man, Selwyn Lancaster, was taken into Police custody on Tuesday night after the mother of the child filed a complaint against him.

The alleged incident reportedly took place at the home of the child’s mother.

According to reports, Lancaster is friends with the mother of the child and would frequent the family’s home.

On the day in question, it is alleged that he visited the home and after having a conversation with the mother in the yard where she was doing chores, he made his way into the house and the verandah area where the six-year-old girl and a 10-year-old sibling were playing.

It was there that Lancaster allegedly exposed himself to the younger child and reportedly placed his penis to the child’s mouth.

Sources familiar with the details of the mother’s complaint explained to News Source that the older child witnessed the incident and went to the mother with a complaint. By the time the mother hurried into the house, the man had already left the scene.

The shocked and confused woman immediately called in the Police and Lancaster was arrested the same night.

He remains in custody as a file is being compiled on the matter for criminal charges.