Guards flee as Chinese couple is shot to death in Trinidad

Chinese nationals Shi Rui Zhao and Yangli Gu were escorted by security guards to their home on Thursday night. When the gunfire began, the guards saved themselves, police say.

The couple had just left a members club and casino at Tarouba Road, Marabella, and were returning to their rented apartment at New Haven Avenue, Marabella.

Police said two security guards from the casino were driving in another vehicle behind Zhao’s black Toyota Atlis car.Both vehicles pulled into a carpark at Kosume Bar, where the two gunmen were waiting, police said.

The couple lived on the top floor of the building housing the restaurant. The building has an apartment complex where several Chinese nationals are tenants.

Zhao, 32, and Gu, 30, both self-employed, were still inside the vehicle when two men opened fire on them.The security guards who were seated in the vehicle parked next to the couple drove off, police said.

Eyewitnesses said the gunmen stood on both sides of the vehicles and fired several shots hitting the couple multiple times on the head and body.

The windows and doors of the car were pocketed with bullet holes.Police arriving on the scene found both dead. Zhao was slumped over Gu.

Investigators said the Chinese nationals were the targets, and it was not a random crime or robbery attempt.The gunmen escaped in a waiting car.