August 10, 2020

Former LIAT employee pleads guilty to stealing over $76,000

(The Grenada Informer) – A former employee of the cash-strapped regional airline (LIAT) who pleaded guilty to stealing over seventy-six thousand dollars from the company is expected to be sentenced on April 17th. He faces a maximum eighty-four years behind bars.

 Kyron Nichols a resident of Tempe in St George, former ticket agent with LIAT here in Grenada pleaded guilty on Tuesday before High Court Judge Madam Justice Paula Gilford to some twelve counts of Stealing by Reason of Employment. He was represented in court by defence lawyer Arley Gill.

 According to information reaching the Grenada Informer, Nichols was initially slapped with thirty-three counts of stealing, however at the Number One High Court on Tuesday the charges were condensed to twelve, spanning a period of ten months from February 2008 to November 2008.

 The charges read at the court on Tuesday varied among different amounts allegedly stolen at different times, for instance on the 29th February 2008 one of the charges listed an amount in the sum of $4,481.71, in March of that same year another charge listed an amount of $5,989 01, in June of 2008 another charge in the amount of $10,131.56,  11th September 2008 a charge in the amount of $11,173.82 and the list goes on until 5th November  with a charge in the amount of $4,111.27; twelve charges totalling $76,000.00.

 Nichols was granted bail in the sum of $ 200,000.00 with two sureties, he is expected to surrender all travel documents, and report to the Central Police Station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm.

With a possible seven years on each count, Nichols faces a maximum eighty-four years in prison although his lawyer is expected to make a strong plea for leniency given the matter is of some vintage. Nevertheless, whatever is said, the final decision remains in the hands of High Court Judge, Justice Gilford.

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