First Adventist Appointed As Deputy Governor Of The BVI

By Ernesto Cooke

Rosalie Adams became the first Seventh-day Adventist to become deputy governor of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) during a special ceremony held last month. Adams was appointed on August 26 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II through the secretary of state for the Foreign Commonwealth Affairs.

The appointment went into effect September 1 and will continue until February 2018.Her position will allow for to function as the acting governor of the BVI when the governor is away on leave throughout the year.


Silton Browne, president of the North Caribbean Conference, congratulated Adams after her official appointment. “I am reassured about her faith in God and her ability to represent the church at such high level,” he said.

A native of Tortola, Adams could not have envisioned holding the responsibilities she now carries. “This appointment reminds me of many persons God placed in my path to nurture me including my late parents, my family, and those in the church and the community,” said Adams. “This high and significant recognition, without question must be attributed to God and by extension His Church.”

Adams also reflected on the time she accepted the Seventh-day Adventist message 16 years ago. “I was listening to Pastor Charles D. Brooks on WGOD Radio when he preached a message entitled God in Bad Company. It was at that time the Holy Spirit spoke to me and after 40 years of service to the Methodist Church, I reached out to God for salvation.”

She expressed appreciation for her mentor Antoinette Skelton of the Road Town Seventh-day Adventist Church and director of Social Security Board for the BVI, who embraced her conviction and arranged for her Bible study and eventual baptism in 2000.

Adams is an active member of the Carrot Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church on Tortola, where she has served as elder, Sabbath school teacher, Sabbath school superintendent, community services leader and currently serves as women’s ministry leader.

Adams joined public service in 1968 and has taught at various public schools throughout the territory before being promoted to the post of permanent secretary for the Ministry of Health and Social Development in 2005. She also served as permanent secretary in the Ministry of Communications and Works, and later permanent secretary in the Premier’s office.

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