Fears for caribbean nationals in Trump-run America says former PM

Former two-term Prime Minister Sir Lester Bird has charged that some Caribbean brethren are in danger of deportation from the United States (US) following the sweeping election victory of Donald Trump.

Senior Minister Sir Lester declared, “When he says he wants to take back his country it’s a euphemism for saying the white people must take back their country and that there are too many other groups.”

He added, “[Trump] said he’s going after 10 million who are in there illegally. Now how many Caribbean people are in America illegally? They are going to fall within the trap.”

While many have attributed the victory of Trump – the Republican candidate – over the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton to what they believe is the electorate’s unwillingness to elect a woman, Sir Lester who was born in the US and lived there for some time was adamant it was because of “racism”.

“There is an underlying racism that runs through the vein of the Midwest of the United States – Indiana, Iowa – I haven’t even reached the south yet. One thing Trump did was he tracked into that vein. The reality is that the American people quote ‘want back their country’.”

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