Escapee From Saint Lucia Quarantine Facility Returns

(ST LUCIA TIMES) – A  young man who escaped from a Saint Lucia quarantine facility in the North of the Island has returned, a senior law enforcement official has confirmed.

The escape was recorded and posted on social media.

The official told St Lucia Times that the young man returned to the hotel where he and others who arrived here from Martinique Friday are being kept.

He said it followed a statement from the Acting Police Commissioner, Milton Desir.

Desir, who visited the quarantine facility Saturday morning, said the police had received reports that some of the detainees were misbehaving while others were even escaping.

He explained that it was an offence to leave a place of quarantine.

According to Desir, the returnees were placed in quarantine to prevent the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus.

National Security Minister Hermangild Francis has declared that it was a shame that after the government here and the Prefect of Martinique had gone to great lengths to facilitate the return of the Saint Lucians from Martinique despite the lock down in that country due to the spread of COVID-19, persons would want to put others at risk.

Francis also observed that  efforts was made to ensure that the returnees would be comfortable by putting them up at a hotel.

He said the authorities were in possession of the passports of the detainees and were checking to determine who are the individuals that are missing from the quarantine centre.

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