Dominican PM Says OAS Conspiring to Oust Him from Gov’t

(TELESUR) – Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit took the Organization of American States’ Secretary-General Luis Almagro to task for “leading a campaign” of incitement against the island’s ruling Labour Party, the premier affirmed in an exclusive interview with teleSUR’s Madelein Garcia Wednesday.

“They (OAS) are targeting certain member states. Dominica is one such country that they’re targeting and my government is one such government that they are targeting. So it is not about free and fair elections — it is not about the electoral process. They (OAS) have waited for this opportunity to implement this strategy, so,  it is something that has been in the making for three or four years,” Skerrit stated.

The premier believes that the main motivating factor behind, what he describes as the “OAS’ crusade to delegitimize his government,” is a “punishment” for consistently voting against non-interference in the region, and more succinctly, against OAS resolutions on Venezuela.

In 2017, Dominica was among three CARICOM member states that voted against a failed United States-backed resolution on Venezuela at the OAS General Assembly in Mexico. Speaking on the sidelines of that meeting, the PM told teleSUR that Almagro should be fired and the OAS has lost its way.

A year later, the small Caribbean island of about 75,000 residents, was among only four OAS member countries that voted against a resolution to suspend Venezuela from the 34-member group.

Fast-forward to the present day, and it turns out that Almagro has been very vocal about recent opposition-led protests in Dominica. On Nov. 19, the OAS chief tweeted about his reservations about the holding of free and fair elections in Dominica, while endorsing and substantiating the opposition’s demands for electoral reform ahead of the Dec. 6 polls, when 21 members of the House of Assembly will be chosen.


  1. Jolly it you are not a Dominican. You keep on parading you ignorance on these sights. What does the meaning of Skerrit has to do with the person? Have you ever thought for a moment that the name was acquired from the slave masters. So is,the name Jolly Green if that’s your true name. You are very ignorant with perhaps not good going for you. That is why you have all the time to spend on matter that doesn’t count.

    You hate Ralph, you hate Skerrit and indeed I believe you have a lot of hatred for your own self. Bye I am gone.

  2. This report does not represent our position in Dominica and seem to lean to a bias that is uncalled for.

    Our Prime Minister has resisted us on our call for electoral reform because he has used the flawed electoral list to cheat his way through and go against the will of the populace in the last two elections. So we are at the point where we will not have it anymore.

    Your report sates Dominica has o population about 75,000. This is the real BIG problem.
    presently, we are not close to that yet our electoral list shows registered voters a little above that number. Do you see the problem?

    Even if we had the 75,000 all could not be registered to vote. As the number stands even the unborn babies are registered to vote.

    We have been fighting this for some time now. it has only now come to a head.

    The OAS did not just pull this from the bag. Their report was from hearing us out and feeling our pulse.

    Had you done the same, your report would have been different.

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