Dominican company ready to supply hemp,cannabis seeds to Caribbean

(DNO) – Dominican born Elvis “Papi” Edwards, Director of CBDxr, a US based cannabis and hemp industry participant, has been given the go ahead to export seeds outside of the United States.

This puts CBDxr and its parent company American Hemp Ventures (AMHV) ahead of the pack in a bid to become the preeminent seed-to-sale company for the entire Caribbean and the Western Hemisphere. In December 2018, Edward’s company AMHV along with CBDxr made history as being the first Caribbean controlled company to launch on the OTC ,over-the-counter, market where their shares can be publicly traded.

There has been public discussion in several Caribbean islands, including Dominica, on decriminalizing/ legalizing Cannabis in some form and harnessing the potential economic benefits of the hemp or marijuana industries. In 2015 Jamaica passed laws that decriminalized small amounts of marijuana for personal use and St. Lucian Prime Minister Allan Chastanet announced last week that his country will be decriminalizing Cannabis.

Speaking with DNO Edwards said he intends to give the first batch of completely 100% organic non-GMO seeds to Dominican farmers for free. He also indicated that this industry can employ as many as 20,000 farmers that can be drawn from local, the diaspora and immigrant populations in Dominica. He suggests such an industry could cause a wave of economic migration into Dominica looking to benefit from the commercial activity.

Edwards has indicated that he has met with key stakeholders to propose the benefits of the hemp and cannabis industry to Dominica. He has also made the suggestion that the Ross University facilities could be converted to a school for medical Marijuana, farming and Cannabis research.

Edwards, a proponent for the legalization and decriminalization of Cannabis, visited Dominica after Maria last year where he indicated that Dominica had the potential to be a leader in the Cannabis industry and, in so doing, revitalize the agricultural sector. He urged Dominica to “strike when the iron is hot” and “make the necessary moves early so that it does not have to play catch up later.”

Edwards, who is originally from the Wesley/Calibishie area, is a pioneer in providing cannabidiol based skin products in Colorado. He is also the inventor of the “vaprwear hoodies”.

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