August 9, 2020

Dominica Labour Party Wins Another Term

(TELESUR) Dominica‘s ruling Labor Party won a landslide victory as the results are just being released by electoral authorities on Friday, winning 18 out of the 21 constituencies that were up for grabs in this general election.

The Dominica Labor Party (DLP) led by outgoing Prime Minister and candidate Roosevelt Skerrit secured a major victory in elections that have been contested by the opposition party for over a year, with the support of Washington-based Organization of American States.

The United Workers’ Party (UWP) candidate Lennox Linton won only 3 constituencies.

Dominica’s polling centers opened their doors earlier on Friday to over 70,000 people who will cast their vote in the general elections to decide the new government that will rule over the next five years.

Dominica, a former French and British colony of about 75,000 residents, held the general elections amid tensions, as the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) was pushing Prime Minister Skerrit to enact reforms in a bid to gain a better electoral advantage.

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