CXC to issue e-Certificates across the region

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has announced that after a successful trial period, it will continue to provide students with e-certificates across the region.

While CXC will still be offering the traditional paper-based certificate, students who have registered unique and valid e-mail addresses, will now have the option to acquire their official certification through Blockcerts or blockchain based credentials as a free downloadable E-Certificate in a digital format, immediately available to students on their electronic devices once the certificate is ready and available.

The CXC ambitiously kicked off the first regional blockchain-based credential project last October, by issuing E-Certificates to a select group of 24,000 students from Barbados and Trinidad who sat the 2018 May/June examinations.

Now students from across the region will be able to download their certificates conveniently, securely and quickly onto their devices, once available.

CXC Registrar/CEO Glenroy Cumberbatch said, “Serving 19 countries – this is the first explicitly multi-national implementation of digital credentials designed specifically to maximised cross-border employability and transferability of skills in the region.

From inception, our primary goal was to empower students to have ownership of their records and be able to share them in a secure way, with whomever they choose”.

“The move was also to boost security and transferability of official examinations records. It also helps to prevent loss of official records.

The blockchain, combined with strong cryptography, provides a new security infrastructure that guarantees the authenticity of these records and enables convenient verification,” he added