Cuban medical brigade responds to earthquake injuries in Haiti

(ACN) – Two teams of Cuban doctors are treating injured people in the earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale that shook northern Haiti on Saturday, Prensa Latina reported.

According to Evelio Betancourt, general coordinator of the Cuban Medical Brigade, two surgical teams were recruited, who left early this morning to support Haitian health personnel, the news agency reported in an office dated in Port-au-Prince.

The Directorate of Civil Protection reported that so far, the earthquake left about 11 dead and 135 injured, mainly in Port de Paix in the Northwest and Gros Morne in Artibonite. However, the tremor was perceptible in all the departments of the country, and in several localities there was damage to infrastructure and housing.

The Cuban Ambassador in this country, Luis Castillo, confirmed to Prensa Latina that the collaborators of all the state missions in Haiti are in perfect condition, and no material damage is reported in their buildings. At 20:11 local time this Saturday the seismological services registered an earthquake with epicenter in the sea, 20 kilometers from Port de Paix, and 15, 3 kilometers deep.

According to Haitian President Jovenel Moise, emergency operations are multiplying in the country and convoys of food kits and drinking water are on their way to Grand’Nord, especially Port-de-Paix and Gros Morne, towns most affected by the telluric movement, adds the source. Local press reports indicate that the situation is particularly serious in Gros Morne, where there are reports of massive damage to buildings and homes.