Cuban Drug HeberFeron used successfully to treat skin cancer


The evaluation of results in the treatment of one type of skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma) with HeberFeron – produced by Cuba’s Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology – has shown that the drug can reduce the appearance of new lesions eightfold.

The news attracted attention at a scientific meeting to analyze the issue, in the province of Holguín, with more than 120 doctors in attendance, including specialists and residents from across the country,

Studies show that HeberFeron heals and reduces skin tumors of any size; provides superior effects in comparison with other interferons; reduced the need for complex surgeries on the face; and supposes a better quality of life for patients.

The medication reduces the cancerous mass efficiently and quickly, and leaves an excellent aesthetic.Its use in the country’s hospitals has been generalized, given the benefits afforded patients resisting surgery or concerned about scarring.

The medication can also be used post-operatively, to eliminate any residual malignant cells and prevent recurrences.The novel drug is an effective agent in treating advanced tumors, locally extensive or invasive, commonly seen on the nose, ears, eyelids, and facial areas around the eye.

Doses are injected directly into lesions, with rapid recovery noted during the first three weeks. The best results have been documented after treatment over a 16-week period.