Cuba: Havana Under Curfew After COVID-19 Resurgence

Cuban authorities announced that from September 1 Havana will be undergoing strict measures to stop the COVID-19 spread, after cases drastically increased last week in the country’s capital.


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Havana Governor Reinaldo Garcia said that the breach of restrictions by some people has caused a virus’ resurgence in the city, something that forced health authorities to decree the return to the limited local transmission phase a couple of weeks ago.

The governor pointed out that there will be a ban on travel from the capital to other provinces and greater restrictions on the circulation of both people and vehicles.

The government will impose a curfew from 19:00 and 05:00 local time, the first one since the crisis began. Also, in order to avoid congestion, most stores will only be allowed to sell to residents of their neighborhoods.

Garcia stressed that authorities will impose severe fines on whoever infringes on the new measures. This way, they will prosecute those holding a party or hanging out in public.

The only work centers allowed to keep functioning will me those with priority for national development, and the only workers that will remain on duty will be the ones with essential tasks, giving priority to remote work.

As of Friday morning, Cuba had reported 3,806 COVID-19 cases, with Havana as the most affected city. The country is approaching the three figures’ death toll, which is currently 92. (TELESUR)