Church leader blames anger for violence

One church leader has said the level of anger in our society is responsible for the amount of violence present in our communities.

Antiguan Counsellor Angela Roberts made these comments as she referenced the deadly shooting which took place in Antugua on Tuesday morning.

“Anger is the main cause for the violence that we are seeing. Anger is being released all over and it is leading people to the point where they feel like they can’t control themselves anymore,” Roberts said .

She said that anger is a spirit and people need to recognise the hidden feelings that are kept to themselves.

“The root causes of anger are really recognising feelings of hurt and guilt. We need to understand that anger is a spirit, and I know for a lot of people they might not be willing to accept or understand that. We live in a physical and spiritual atmosphere.”

Roberts also called for more education on mental health issues and disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

“One of the strongest feelings of anger is the pain from rejection in a person’s life, especially their childhood. What we find is that for different reasons, there’s rejection and hurt from the persons closest to you or who should be nurturing you.

“There needs to be more education out there about these factors that trigger these irritations and offences, depression, anxiety and grief.”

According to Roberts, the church should push their community outreach even further to get a wider audience from within the society.

“The first question you need to ask is ‘what would Jesus do?’ The church is Jesus’ church, and the first thing we should do is go out and teach. He met the needs of the people and the church needs to go out and educate.

“I know when churches have their special education programmes, other than a Sunday morning, the few people who turn up may not even need that teaching.”

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