Caribbean Nationals On ICE’s Top 10 Wanted List

News Americas, NEW YORK, :  Three Caribbean immigrants have made the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)’s latest top 10 Most Wanted List, News Americas Now has found.

One is from Jamaica, while the other two are from Haiti and the Dominican Republic, respectively.

The US ICE wants to find and deport 52-year-old Desmond Hugh Chambers from Jamaica. ICE says Chambers, who also goes by the name Warren Michael Mullings, is a criminal immigrant who was convicted of possession with intent to distribute cocaine, second degree rape, first degree sex offense, and false imprisonment.


He was ordered removed by an immigration judge on February 5, 1997 and was removed from the U.S. on May 10, 2000.  However, he unlawfully reentered the U.S. at an unknown date and despite numerous attempts by ICE to locate his whereabouts, he currently remains at-large. His last known location was Maryland, Florida and Georgia.

Also wanted for deportation is Haitian immigrant Pierre Rodolphe Marcelin, 44. On July 7, 1994, Marcelin was convicted of possession to distribute a controlled substance – cocaine, a felony conviction – and sentenced to 7 to years in prison.

Prior to that, he was convicted on multiple occasions for assault & battery. Marcelin was placed into deportation proceedings for having been convicted of multiple crimes.

On October 20, 1995, Marcelin was ordered deported to Haiti. He also has an active arrest warrant from Cambridge, Mass., for failure to appear on a drug charge from 1996. His last known location was Cambridge, Mass.

The third Caribbean immigrant wanted is Dominican Republic immigrant Victor Lenin Munoz. Munoz entered the United States as a Lawful Permanent Resident on July 10, 1981. On April 2, 1987, Munoz was convicted of Sale of a Controlled Substance and sentenced to 4 years to life in prison. On October 8, 1993, Munoz was ordered deported from the United States. He is believed to have fraudulently obtained a U.S. passport(s) and may be using an assumed name including Felix A. Gonzalez, Felix Santana, Lenny Valoy orVictor Munoz-Valoy. His last known location was Bronx, New York.

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