Caribbean lukewarm on LGBT travellers

MIAMI BEACH, Florida – The Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) has said the body cannot force member countries to cater to the Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transgender (LGBT) traveller.

Hugh Riley has labelled as “a form of self-determination,” countries which don’t pursue LGBT vacationers.

“It is a form of member countries who are independent making their national policy and that is how we have to accept it as a regional body,” Riley said.

Hugh Riley, CT, General Secretary
Hugh Riley, CT, General Secretary

Several Caribbean destinations, including Antigua & Barbuda and The Bahamas, have said while they have no problem with LGBT tourist, they’ve not designed any specific marketing campaign to attract that niche.

Riley said that the CTO has provided information on the benefits of LGBT travel to members.

“What we do is to bring the matter to discussion and we’ve not been shy about that at all,” the CTO boss said.

“We’ve brought all kinds of matters including the LGBT matter to the agenda of our annual conference. We brought experts in on all sides of the issue, but you make the decision for your country,” he added.

Adopted from Antigua Observer

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