Caribbean civil society representatives to discuss sustainable growth

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, CMC – The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) says about 400 representatives of civil society organizations from 26 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean will meet here this week to discuss proposals aimed at achieving sustainable growth in the region.

The November 8-9 XVI Annual meeting of the IDB Group – Civil Society will examine a number of issues related to sustainable growth, including the impact of climate change; how the technological revolution can be harnessed to improve lives; links between gender and crime; road safety and its impact on public health; and the importance of equitable and efficient tax collection.

Through its offices located in 26 member-countries throughout the region, the IDB said it consults regularly with non-governmental organizations and other representatives of civil society to obtain feedback on the Bank’s programs and learn from the beneficiaries themselves how programs might be improved.

Once a year, representatives of these groups are invited to attend a regional gathering.

The IDB says the meeting will be chaired by Alexandre Meira da Rosa, the IDB’s Vice President for Countries, joined by Flora Montealegre Painter, the IDB’s representative in the Dominican Republic, as well as top regional government officials.

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