‘Can I get a house for my triplets?’

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS – TRINIDAD ) – New Year’s Day triplets – Khalid, Khalissa and Khaleena Murray – are developing well.

The children were allowed to go home 10 days after being delivered at the San Fernando General Hospital.

The family lives in a rented apartment at Waterloo Road, Carapichaima.

Father Winston Murray has appealed to Housing Minister Edmund Dillon to consider their application for a new home.

Murray said he had applied for a housing unit 10 years ago but, like many other applicants, he is yet to be interviewed.

The father of five said he wanted a home for his children to grow.

“The apartment is small and I would want a house to raise my children. I want to make a public appeal now for a new home. I don’t want it free. I am employed and I can pay a monthly instalment. I would appreciate if the HDC can respond and assist our family,” he said.

The babies and mother, 31-year-old Nicole Murray, are recovering well, he said.

The couple, who got married in February 2012, have two older children—Khaleesi, six, and Khaleel, four.

Murray, a distributor at Kiss Baking Company, said the pregnancy was planned but he never expected triplets.

His wife is employed as a sales representative at Flow.

“My wife had two C-Sections before and the doctor told us we can only have one more. We sat down and spoke about this for a long time. And we decided to have another baby because we are getting older,” he recalled.

Murray said he was thankful that the babies were healthy and growing well. The babies sleep in separate cots in their parents’ bedroom.

“They are really special and we are taking good care of them. The greatest blessing would be to have our own home now,” he said.