Breaking: LIAT Acting CEO Demands Apology From Pilots Association

Even as the Acting CEO of LIAT, Julie Reifer-Jones demands an apology from the union representing pilots, she has warned that “disrespectful, outrageous and libelous” statements will not be tolerated.

The executive’s willingness “to accept an apology made in good faith” for comments that would tarnish LIAT’s image, is outlined in a letter dated October 25.

The correspondence, addressed to the President of the Leeward Islands Airline Pilots’ Association (LIALPA) Captain Carl Burke, outlines Reifer-Jones’ “shock” and “great disappointment” over what she refers to as disparaging remarks.

On Sunday, LIALPA issued a press release to deny the assertions of the Chairman of the Shareholder Governments, Dr Ralph Gonsalves that ‘bouts of sickness” by pilots were to blame for flight cancellations.

From the association’s vantage point, the exodus of its members for greener pastures, with no replacements, is the culprit.

The two-page document itemized why LIALPA has no faith in the carrier’s management team and said Reifer-Jones’ action to have OBSERVER media retract similar statements attributed to her, was proof that she knew her comments were dishonest.

The acting LIAT CEO has taken umbrage with LIALPA’s use of the word dishonest, saying it is “beyond all acceptable boundaries”.

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