BREAKING: Doctor With COVID-19 May Have Infected Patients In Antigua

(AntiguaNewsRoom) -Scores of people in Antigua & Barbuda were exposed to the new coronavirus after visiting a doctor who contracted the illness.

 This was revealed by Dr. Joseph “Joey” John who without naming the doctor confirmed the sick physician is among the nine cases that have so far been reported in the country.

“We didn’t really need to really get a test, in my opinion, the history was classic but not only the history the chest x-ray was absolutely pathognomonic, but the COVID-19 test did come back positive”, Dr John revealed.

The doctor, who John told state media is “fighting for his life”, reportedly saw several patients shortly before becoming sick.

“Let’s put it this way, it was a lot of patients and I don’t wanna scare people, but it was a hell of a lot of patients”, John said.

However, John assured “all those patients, I can tell you, the government tracked them all down every single one and they are in isolation and as soon as any of them show any symptoms, they have the information as to what to do”.

He said this is “one of the signature cases that I think could really, you know, jumpstart this whole thing but rest assured, I have been made assured, that the government is very much on top of it”.

Dr. John said over the last three weeks dozens of people his office to report upper respiratory symptoms and he believes the number of persons infected in Antigua & Barbuda could be a lot more than the cases that have been confirmed by laboratory tests.

“Each of those persons were told to isolate and so forth and stay in contact with the necessary public health officials, call us back if they need us and so forth but a good percentage of those are gonna be COVID-19”, John concluded.

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