‘Bitter’ Jamaican woman bit Trini woman on breast- Court hears

(VI VINEWSONLINE) – Trinidadian Jason Henry testified that the once warm relationship he had with his Jamaican neighbour, Paulette Codner, turned bitter as soon as he married a woman from his country.

Henry, who also fathered a child with a Jamaican woman, a friend of Codner’s, was one of the Crown’s witnesses in the ongoing trial against Codner at the Magistrate’s Court in John’s Hole.

He said the incident occurred on September 14, 2015, when he and his wife were getting ready to head off to work.

Henry claimed that his neighbour called out to him and said, “I fed-up with your wife.”

Codner then told him that his wife allegedly removed some small rocks she placed over the sewerage lines to prevent debris from coming to her section at their Long Bush apartment.

Henry said shortly after, when his wife informed him that she was ready to go to work, Codner started to verbally attack her, calling her a “barren woman”.

“I told her to make sure she doesn’t touch my wife,” he said.

Bloody altercation

Things reportedly escalated when the defendant pushed his wife, and the two women began to scuffle.

During that time, Codner’s daughter, who was nearby joined the fight.

At the end of the altercation, Henry’s wife was bleeding from a bite she sustained from Codner on one of her breasts, and she received a blow to her head among other injuries.

Codner was also injured and bleeding from a bite she sustained on her forehead from Henry’s wife.

The Codner’s then allegedly pelted rocks at the Henry’s home where Henry’s wife fled to when Henry and other onlookers were able to separate the women.

Henry’s wife was also charged for the incident.

Attorney Andrew Morrison represents Codner while Crown Counsel Kael London represents the Commissioner of Police.

The trial continues on October 15, 2019 before Magistrate Ayanna O. Baptiste-DaBreo.

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