Belize Opposition Leader and driver hurt in vehicular accident

Opposition Leader, John Briceño, is expected to be released from a hospital after he was involved in a vehicular accident on his way to work on Friday, Stuart Leslie, the Chief of Staff at the People’s United Party (PUP) office has said.

He told reporters that Briceño received an injury to his head and was rushed to the Northern Medical Plaza in Orange Walk Town, while his driver, Edwin Hill, sustained superficial wounds and complained of chest pains.

Both Briceño and Hill are said to be in a stable condition and Leslie told the media “the party leader has received a cut to the head; he had to have stitches in his head.

“We are running all the tests right now. Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez, who is the surgeon, doctor in charge, has told me that the party leader should have a full recovery.

So that’s the best news we hear so far. “What they have seen from all the test shows that there is nothing major. He will have stiffness; he has some bruises, but those are things that they can deal with. With respect to Hill; he received some injuries to his chest and so on from the steering wheel, but again, they are saying that everything looks clear.”

Leslie says that Briceño was on his way to work in the capital when the accident occurred.

“As far as we understand, a bus was overtaking another vehicle and it crossed into to the lane where the party leader and his driver were heading towards Belize City. To avoid an accident, the party leader’s driver tried to move as far to the edge of the road and that is where the loose gravel and so on and they skid and the vehicle flipped several times.”

All the vehicles involved in the accident were damaged and taken to a police station. Police say they are investigating the matter.

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