Barbados: Women warned to let fathers see their children

(BARBADOS TODAY) – Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant Friday lashed out at mothers who deprive the fathers of their children visiting rights after their relationships turn sour.

Child visitation rights are at the centre of a case against America visitor Jared Michael Eisenberger, who pleaded guilty early this week to assault and criminal damage.

Eisenberger had also contended that the situation arose because he was being denied visiting rights with his five-year-old.

The child’s mother, who is also his wife, explained that he was not allowed to see the child due to his “ attitude . . .and background”.

“I didn’t know about [his background] before as it was an arranged marriage,” explained the woman, who revealed that she was 20 or 21 when she tied the knot with Eisenberger.

However, the magistrate displayed little sympathy for the mother, telling her: “ Well you have to take him as he is. You cannot stop him from seeing his child.”

“Stop preventing the men from seeing their children [because] of whatever is happening between you and the child,” the magistrate stated.

However, the woman said that the child was afraid of her father after she heard a voice note that he had sent to her.

“You made it your duty for her to hear . . . and we are wondering why the fathers are staying away . . . . Allow the children to see their father. Every week I say the same thing in court. It is wrong! It takes two to tango, the child needs her father just like she needs you. It is equal opportunity,” Cuffy-Sergeant said.