Barbados: Murder # 24 Bread Vendor Shot And killed

Onlookers gathered around the vehicle of the deceased: Loop Barbados

(BARBADOS TODAY) – This morning, 12-year-old Kristina Mayers woke up at her Hinds Road, Black Rock, St Michael home, and began searching the house for her father Hayden Mayers.

Bread vendor Hayden Mayers was shot and killed at Mansion Road, Bank Hall, St Michael, while plying his trade.
Bread vendor Hayden Mayers was shot and killed at Mansion Road, Bank Hall, St Michael, while plying his trade.

This was her usual morning routine. She went everywhere calling for daddy, but did not see, or hear him.

Sonia, Kristina’s mother, and Mayers’ wife of seven years, was forced to break the news to her daughter that her dad had died, shot by masked men as he sold from his bread van in the well-populated Mansion Road, Bank Hall district. With his death, Barbados recorded its 24th murder for the year.

Fifty-year-old Mayers, a bread and pastry vendor was fatally shot around 10 p.m.

The deceased’s wife and daughter were too distraught to speak about the man they both cherished dearly.

His niece Rashida Mayers, overcome with emotion, told Barbados TODAY that Kristina was Mayers’ heart, and said it was not fair that a father was taken from his daughter so senselessly while working to earn an honest dollar.


  1. The man just working for a living and look what happen to him. Something has to be done with all these guns on the street. They were watching to see how much money he made, but that was his hard earned money. Hopefully they catch the killers. Barbados need video cameras on tbe streets, put them in the street lights, because this is rediculous.

  2. I hope they hang who shot him,I knew him personally and was a bread vendor before I moved to America

  3. In June of this year my step daughter my wife and I went and visited this beautiful country Barbados, some of the things we observe while we were there, that the place was clean, people are friendly….We felt safe traveling around,we could see ourselves living there.
    We know of these gun violence taking place in other caricom country,but I was taken aback when I heard it happening in Barbados,so sad.
    My condolences to the Mayers family’s.

  4. This is awful. We love a Barbados and have holidayed there many times in the last 16 years. Always think of it as as safe and happy island. But now ????

  5. I was gun butt lost 2 front teeth bag taken in westbury road on 7 sep.. not a word from police as yet ..

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