Barbados Gov’t says they will fight hard to find missing American tourists

(CNS) – The Barbados government says it will do “all that is humanly possible” to locate two United States visitors who went missing at sea on Monday, after renting a jet ski, for a half-hour ride.

“The police, Coast Guard and the Regional Security System have already been on the job since Monday evening, I am told. In spite of the fact that these searches normally will last 72 hours, I have given instructions for us to go for another 72 hours because we need to literally ensure that we have exhausted every possible opportunity with respect to finding your relatives,’ Prime Minister Mia Mottley said.

“I can’t imagine what you are going through now, but please know that the prayers as well as the diligent efforts of the Government of Barbados and all of our law enforcement arms as well as the regional ones with whom we are affiliated will be continuing to work in earnest to find them.”

The authorities said that Magdalena Devil and Oscar Suarez, had renting the jet ski from an establishment in St. James, north of here, and Prime Minister Mottley said she had been advised that an approach had been made to the United States government for additional support, namely airplane search and rescue.

“Having had the brief …I am satisfied that we will continue to apply every effort in seeking to find these two visitors. It is regrettable, and at this stage we will continue on the search and rescue,” she stressed.

She thanked those already involved in the search, noting that these circumstances were especially challenging for the family members who would be anxious about the whereabouts of their loved ones.