Barbados: Authorities slam video of child seemingly drinking Banks beer

photo Barbados Today

(BARBADOS TODAY) – A disturbing video has emerged of a young child seemingly drinking Banks beer, while a man and a woman engage in a conversation, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the child is there.

In the video making the rounds on social media, the child, believed to be a boy, is seen sipping from the Banks beer bottle, with a second bottle within reach.

While he sips the two adults hold a discussion, seemingly unconcerned about the drinking child, who at one point tried to join the conversation by saying something indiscernible. However, there are suggestions it was a reference to water.

The man, who appeared to be wearing a Barbados Water Authority uniform, can also be seen drinking from a Banks beer bottle.

In this screenshot taken from video circulating on social media, this child, believed to be a boy, is seen in the company of two adults sipping from a Banks beer bottle.

Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) today issued a statement criticizing the exercise, stating that it abhorred alcohol abuse, particularly by people who were not of drinking age.

“Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) reiterates that our alcoholic beverages should only be responsibly consumed by persons over the age of 18,” the beverage manufacturer said in the statement from Sophia Cambridge, its legal and corporate affairs manager.