August 6, 2020

Bacchanal in Trinbago, 80 arrested

Police have arrested 80 people and have seized several weapons during Jouvert celebrations at locations across the country earlier today.

The arrests came during anti-crime exercises carried out by police.

Of the 80 persons held by police during anti-crime exercises executed under the TTPS Carnival Security Plan, 22 were in the Eastern Division;19 in the Northern Division; 10 in the Port of Spain Division and seven in the Central Division. 18 persons were held on outstanding warrants for offences including arms and ammunition and escaping lawful custody.

A popular used car dealer operating in Central Trinidad and wanted for larceny of a motor vehicle was also detained by police.

Five persons were charged with driving under the influence and the Carnival Vehicle Permits granted to three motorists were seized after it was discovered they were being used contrary to the requirements of the permit.  (cnc3)

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