Awkward Night For Prince Harry In Antigua

A red-faced Prince Harry was last night invited to spend his honeymoon in Antigua – barely weeks after publicly confirming a relationship with Meghan Markle.

During a reception in front of 300 guests, Antigua prime minister Gaston Browne said: ‘I believe we are expecting a new princess soon. I want you to know that you are very welcome to come on your honeymoon here.’

A grimacing Harry, 32, fiddled with his shirt and avoided eye contact as the comments were made.

Introducing the prince to a group of scantily-clad models, the prime minister added: ‘Whatever is done here, stays here. So do not worry’.

The prince faced further embarrassment when a singer performing at the VIP dinner tried to make him dance on stage. The royal showed off his best dad dancing, pointing and swaying, as the crowd cheered. 

Harry has tried to keep his relationship with Markle a secret despite the eyes of the watching world – so much so that the organizers of the charity trip told those who met him during the Caribbean trip not to mention her.

But that message didn’t make it to the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, who asked in front of a VIP crowd: ‘I understand that there may be a new addition to the Royal Family very soon?

‘I am told that there may be a new princess and I just want to say that should you make the decision to honeymoon – then Antigua and Barbuda want to welcome you.’

The awkwardness continued as Browne told Prince Harry that he would be meeting a series of beauty queens from the island – and tried to set him up for a night of passion.

‘Whatever is done here, stays here. So do not worry,’ Browne joked, to Harry’s visible discomfort.


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